Working with Alice has been a lifesaver for me.  I have ADHD, and it’s a struggle just making plans and sticking to them. Each week Alice helps me tackle anything from planning a party, different brainstorming methods for my writing, how to arrange clothes in my bedroom, and how to budget my time so I can accomplish what’s on my plate. I’ve never been a planner, but Alice has taught me the value of having a plan and the importance of tackling large projects by breaking them down into smaller steps. But arguably, the most valuable takeaway from working with Alice is learning to acknowledge my successes, no matter how small they are, instead of beating myself up for the things I haven’t done.

Maria D, Plainview

As a divorced and retired executive, I found myself struggling with completing administrative-type tasks that had previously been done for me by others.   Via bi-weekly coaching calls and occasional onsite organizing sessions, Alice has helped me to organize, focus and stay committed to following through on tasks and projects that used to elude me. She helped me to create the structure I need to get things done.  She speaks to me in a language that is understandable, nonjudgmental, and welcome.

John M, Huntington

Thank you, Alice. Your patience, creativity and organization skills got us through a colossal move. We could not have done it without you. You’re a lifesaver!

Michelle K, Plainview

Thanks, I am most grateful.  There is a lot of new behavior I am exhibiting here and having your help has helped me to achieve it!  I am now confident I will get done what has to get done!

Laura Z, Islandia

Thanks for another terrific morning. I am so delighted that I will have some new strategies to help me process thoughts and activities better.

Marlene D, Brightwaters

I can’t thank you enough for our recent appointment! It really was like spring cleaning for my brain…or my soul! I feel SO much better about everything! You’re really a miracle worker!

Peggy B, Huntington

Alice provided valuable phone coaching to me in a patient, caring and non-judgemental manner.  Alice is a highly-qualified professional who truly understands the organizational, clutter, and hoarding problems her clients face.

Mark D, Bayside

I have moved forward on a number of fronts including changing my view of myself and realizing personal strengths. To me working with Alice was life changing.

Bonnie E., Port St Lucie, FL

Thank you so much! I haven’t been this happy in 5 years!

Mary Beth P., Holbrook

I have been feeling real excited about where my life is going. Thank you again for everything. I couldn’t do it without you.

Nicole G., North Babylon

I am a good friend of one of your clients. I want to thank you for all you have done for her and her family. You have truly been a blessing to both her physical and emotional well being and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Margaret S., Morristown, NJ

Alice was instrumental in assisting me in clearing the clutter from my dining room, living room and closets. Alice also helped me to find a place for everything. It felt great to walk into a clutter free living space and open closets without having everything fall on my head. Thank you Alice, I look forward to continuing to work with you and having a clutter free life.

Karen T, North Babylon

Thank you so much for helping me deal with the clutter that was taking over my house! You helped me organize my life after a divorce and a recent move into a new home. Thank you Alice, for your great ideas, attention to detail and professional service.

Mary Jean R, Massapequa

After I had the twins, it was impossible to find the time to organize my home. Alice really helped me to get myself organized. She was well worth the price – it’s so much nicer to return home from work to an organized home!

Ellen L, Farmingdale

The filing system works perfectly; I can find everything and I am not losing time searching for things. I feel I can breathe easier!

Nancy Z, Brightwaters

Alice motivated us from day one and our office is the better for it – not to mention our minds!

Gloria L, Plainview

Thank you so much. Your services have already paid for themselves many times over.

Eleanor M, Garden City

While I have worked with other organizers in the past, Alice has been the right person for the job. I couldn’t have seen the results that I have without her assistance.

Mary B, Long Beach

Alice is so positive, helpful and has a great sense of humor as well as a great sense of human nature. She was able to pinpoint my weaknesses right away and was able to make constructive suggestions from the beginning. She was able to understand where I needed flexibility and where I needed firm direction.

Alison N, Old Brookville

You have given me some wicked good ideas!

Dr. Diane Z, West Babylon

Alice’s patience and her presence take the dread out of the most tedious jobs!

Diane V, Sagaponack

Keeping up with your recommendations has been invaluable for my sanity!

Susan M, West Babylon

Thomas Edison, who is believed to have had ADD, said:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

You don’t fail until you stop trying!