Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to throw out all my stuff?

Only if you want to! Organization is not about throwing things away! While purging what you no longer need or want may be part of the process, the emphasis is on organizing the things you want and love and use on a regular basis so you can find them, use them and enjoy them more easily. It’s about creating an orderly and peaceful atmosphere in which you can live, work and achieve your dreams.

How long will it take?

That depends on a number of variables such as the scope of the project, the usefulness of existing systems and how quickly decisions can be made. Developing systems, habits and routines that will serve you for many years to come takes time. Getting organized is NOT an event. It is a process.

What will it cost?

Whether through on-site organizing, virtual organizing or phone coaching, the financial cost will depend on the number of hours it takes to get the job done. A more important question might be…. What can I gain by getting organized and regaining control of my life? Ask yourself: How much money can I save if I no longer have to pay late fees and added interest? How would that affect my credit rating? How much can I increase my productivity if I no longer have to search for misplaced documents? What can I accomplish with the time I am no longer wasting looking for lost items? How much will my health improve if I reduce the stress in my life? How much can I improve my relationships if I start keeping promises instead of breaking them? How can I profit from taking advantage of opportunities I have thus far allowed to slip through my fingers? How much more dependable will I be if I start keeping appointments instead of missing them? How much better will I be perceived if I am prepared and ready for meetings? What can I gain by making the call today? What is it costing me if I don’t?

Thomas Edison, who is believed to have had ADD, said:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

You don’t fail until you stop trying!