How can a Professional Organizer help me?

Organize Long Island, Inc. can simplify your life by helping you organize your time, your space, your paper, your possessions and your life. We can help you decrease the stress in your life by reducing physical and mental clutter and improving your time management skills. By working with us to design logical orderly systems and routines that will work in your home, office and life, you can not only gain control over your material possessions, but also find the time and energy to pursue your personal dreams and goals. We can teach you skills and help you develop strategies that can be used again and again.

Organize Long Island, Inc. can help you reduce or eliminate: clutter, stress, frustration, wasting time, wasting money, wasting energy, feeling out of control, losing paperwork, missing appointments, missing deadlines, missing opportunities, inability to focus, information overload.

Let us help you: gain control of time, paper, space and material possessions; achieve balance and harmony; develop logical, orderly, efficient, effective systems and routines; streamline processes; use your time and energy more effectively and productively; locate items when you need them; get and stay organized; improve your performance and ability to focus; establish priorities; walk on water (just kidding!).

Our services include time management, focus improvement, prioritizing, paper management, downsizing and orchestrating relocations. In addition to our on site organizing services, we also offer phone coaching and are available for speaking presentations, seminars and workshops.

Our specialty is helping those with special needs and/or chronic disorganization issues caused by conditions such as ADD/ADHD, OCD, OCPD,  and Hoarding tendencies.

Thomas Edison, who is believed to have had ADD, said:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

You don’t fail until you stop trying!